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One look could kill...

26 December
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1991 - I was born in a sunny afternoon on december 26 i've been raised all my life in Mexico city and currently I'm studying Psychology awesome right? I'm utterly insane and people tend to love me just because of that if you're sane you better run haven't heard about shared phsycosis? you might get that from me.

I can't tell you everything I love and hate by just putting it all in a category in fact there's no possible way of doing that but I never said I couldn't try.

Let's start by saying that I love music all types of music and I don't understand those people that say they don't music is a universal being and if you're gonna love it you might accept all their virtues as well as their flaws that's what I do :D I also love reading it's something that makes me feel happy and I hunger for new books my favourite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, Immanuel Kant, Michael Foucault, Ludwing Wittgenstein, Virgina Woolf,Jorge Luis Borges, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of course I like others but those are the authors that fill my bookshelf mostly and they're good as hell! I love football i'm a Patriot! <3 and I love rainy days too that smell of wet dirt is my favourite! I also love fruits, colours, brains and of course guys :) I hate fake people, hot weather and liars that's something I can't stand as well as the fact of people trying to make a fool out of me that won't work so don't give it a try.

Quote of the month;

" A confession has to be part of your new life."

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

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