Silence. (brokenboquet) wrote,

Some people fall in love others fall from a window soon.

Hey guys! I decided to write this entry in english just to keep it fresh I'm not sure If I'm still as good as I was with it but I do my best (: just don't get crazy if you see something misspelled or stupid grammar mistakes remember this is not my native language! it's a good thing that I get it 100% of the time and write at least 88% right. Okay i'll keep this short since I don't have much time maybe I should give you and update on what I'm up too this week well I've been making some Psds and posting them in communities thank you for the comments I've recieved on them! that keeps me motivated to make some more :) and I'ts always a pleasure to share them with you also I've been working on icons hope you like them as well ,but that's just a Graphics update now back to my life I'm having a really tough week... I've felt a little bit worried this days as much as I want to talk about it I can't tell I just hope this ends soon :S gosh being a woman has never been this hard! 

In another news my birthday is nearer :D still I'm not excited of turning 20 yet! I'm still coping with the fact that being 18 didn't lasted as much as I wanted to and I'm not getting any younger! but I have to deal with that. So don't forget to comment my stuff i'd really appreciate that to keep doing icons and psds! I love hearing from you so comment babes! gotta run , XOXO.
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